Sony PlayStation 3

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Playstation 3 has been released in North America on November, 17th 2006. Even though the hardware inside never changed, the new PlayStation 3′s have a sleek and slim design. Also the newer PlayStation 3 models have a larger hard drive of either 120GB or 250 GB. If you want the full specs you should visit Cnet. Unlike the older Xbox 360′s the PS3 is wifi enabled and you can play online for free. Also PS3 can play blue-ray DVD and has an HDMI port. If you have a Sony Bravia you can use the remote to control your PS3 because the TV and PS3 will sync if connected through an HDMI cable.

Now that you have decided you want to buy a PlayStation 3, you are stuck on deciding to buy the older fat version or the newer slimmer versions. The real difference between these two are obviously the size. The slim also can be synced with Sony Bravia, while the older versions cant. Many people prefer the older (fatter) model because you don’t need a stand to make it stand up vertical and also you can download another OS such as linux. Also the older version had a glossy black finish. If you want to save money on your electric bill, I would go with the slim because it uses a lot less power to run. If you want to go to a friends house and hook it up to his new 72 inch TV, you definitely want the smaller one because of easier portability. For those of you tech savvy people PS3 Slim streams Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. Some of the older versions can play old ps2 games, but come on if you have a PS3 you should be playing PS3 games. For those who look into details, the newer slim don’t have the touch button to turn on, now you actually have to press the button.

The PS3 is now a retail value of  $299.99 for the 120 GB system and $349.99 for the 250 GB system. The 120GB is enough for games and movies and also you can add your own extended hard drive, so you don’t have to worry about space, so there is no need to spend an extra 50 bucks when you can use that money to buy another game. I hope this little blog about the PS3 will help you on your next purchase of a PS3.

Gateway NV7915u

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Gateway NV7915u is probably the cheapest 17.3 inch laptop out there. MSRP for this computer is only 649.99. So is this laptop the real deal, or a bust? The laptop has 4GB of ram, which is more than enough for any task, especially if you want to multitask. This is probably the best high powered computer for college or for any student. The laptop has 4GB of ram which is enough for any task, but you can also extend it to 8GB. If you think that is enough, well its not. The laptop consists of Intel Core i3 processor 330M. That processor is the new line of processors brought out by Intel. The computer has 4 USB slots and a 500GB hard drive. If you are going away to college, you can talk to your loved ones through the integrated web cam. If you want more info go check the website for rest of the specs.

Those are the specs on the site, but I own this laptop and I don’t think I can find one for a better price. The computer is super fast, and I can do almost anything. I am a student, so that means I have Microsoft words up, while doing research on Firefox, and meanwhile listening to music on iTunes. The computer does not lag, and the web cam is perfect to chat with my friends. The 500GB hard drive is enough for anything, I download and watch movies and there is a lot of space left.

The only down side with this computer is the graphics. The graphics for game is horrible, but that really isn’t bad because this computer wasn’t meant for gaming, and you can always change your graphics card. Another con to this computer is its battery life, on the site it says it can stay for 3 hours and 50 minutes, but I personally tested it and only stays for around 3 hours. This laptop is the real deal and not only because of the specs, but also cause of the personal experience. I would really recommend this laptop to anyone who wants a very good laptop for a very low price.

Information About iTouch

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Itouch is a portable media player and wi-fi mobile platform desighned and sold by Apple. The ipod touch was released in september 2007. The itouch line comes in 8, 16, 32 GB of flash memory. The first 1st generation itouch has passed and now it is all about the 2nd generation. Itouch is touch screen and has apple safari browser. It is equipped with 802.11b/g wifi. It has a great range for connection.

The itouch has many applications that can be download either from itunes on your computer or directly from your touch. Some apps are free and some require some money. There are really nice apps and games which are free. All iPod Touch models include the applications Music, Videos, and Photos , iTunes, Safari, YouTube, Calendar, Contacts, Clock, Calculator, and Settings. Later models added Mail , Maps, Stocks, Notes, and Weather.

The second generation itouch has a built in speaker which is great if you dont want headphones, but it is not that loud. Ipod touch is very fast and the second generation is faster than the iphone 3G. Many 3rd party-sofwares can be downloaded and used. Many people jailbreak their itouch, which installs cydia and installer app.

This jailbreaking enables user to download many free 3rd party softwares directly to their touch. Servicing an iPod Touch after jailbreaking or other modifications made by unofficial means is not covered by Apple’s warranty.

Please do this at your own risk. The itouch is a really cool device and is a substitutes ipod nano if you want more than just listening to music. If you dont want a iphone because you dont need a phone, itouch is the perfect choice, for music and web browsing.

Come to New York City

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New york is a very big and populated state in U.S.A. The most interesting thing in NY is New York City (NYC). This city isn’t only Manhattan, but consists of, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, and Staten Island. Did you know Manhattan was the smallest out of the 5 boroughs, but is the most densely populated. NYC consists of more , than 8 million people. New York has many tags, such as “The city that never sleeps.” The most famous of these tags are “Big Apple.”

New York City is the birthplace of many cultures, such as the Harlem Renaissance. If you come to NYC you can see the many attractions. One particular attraction that many people around the globe come for is seeing the “Empire State Building.” Empire State Building is like a monument of NYC and you can see everything in NY from the top.

Another great attraction is the Statue Of Liberty. Did you know the Statue of Liberty is made out of copper and slowly by the years turned green. You can come to the many museums in NYC, but the best in my opinion is Metropolitan Mesuem of Art. It is one of the biggest museum in the world. That’s all to explain about NY, if you want to learn more come visit.

Obama is President

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After waiting for over 21-months, there is a new president in one of the largest country in the world, the United States of America. The new president is, Senetor Barrack Obama. Obama has been attacked in politics by many people. First from senetor Hillary for the Democratic nominee, and then from McCain for the Presidential nominee. After months of waiting Obama has been elected president in November 4, 2008, at 11:19 P.M. eastern time. Obama had to go through alot to be elected president, from people critizing him about his color and then talking about his heritage.

Obama after, months of hard work is the 44th president of the U.S.A. America has been going through a lot of rough times and Obama hopefully will turn things around. McCain was also a good nominee who gave a very nice ending speech to his presidential run, with the crowd gracing  him. Even though McCain had critized Obama, McCain and Obama still have a smooth friendship.