Sell and Rent Back: A Solution to Money Problems

August 28th, 2014 admin Financial Services 0

These are harsh financial times. More than ever, people are facing higher amounts of debts, low incomes, high unemployment, and a lack of financial options. However, there may be a solution for home owners that may previously have been overlooked.

Selling and renting your home could be the solution you have been looking for. This Financial Services Authority (FSA) regulated service is available to the UK and allows home owners to sell their own homes and have them rented to them back.

You can remain in your home as a tenant and find a way to solve the financial problems that have been plaguing you. DFB Housing Solutions offers a sell and rent back service that can cater for a large number of reasons.

You may not have kept up with mortgage repayments, fell behind on arrears or be facing repossession. Repossession is when your lender will take back your property due to you breaking the terms of contract and ultimately will evict you from your property.

If you use a sell and rent back service, like the one offered from DFS Housing Solutions, you are able to sell your home, remain in the property and avoid eviction from your bank. It is a simple and easy way to stay in the home you cherish.

Another reason for using the service is you may wish to clear debt. A huge amount of people are burdened with large amounts of debt and unable to keep up with their repayments. However, if you are a homeowner, then a sell to rent back service could help.

People who are facing illness, redundancy or loss of income, may also be suffering from economic difficulties. They may be short on cash and need to free up some money. DFS Housing Solutions could help to solve these issues.

To conclude, we are living in difficult economic times. An innovative and different approach to living like DFS Housing Solution’s buy and rent back service is a much needed option for homeowners.

When struggling with the demands of a mortgage, just think; you could sell your home and stay living there!