Slip on Some Sheepskin Sippers This Winter

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Winter is fast approaching. As September sets in, we can feel the hot days of summer falling quickly behind us. Warm evenings are replaced by darkness as the nights drawn in and temperatures begin to plummet over the coming autumn.

So how does our wardrobe adjust to these seasonal changes? We swap Hawaiian shirts for gloves and we change our sunglasses for knitted jumpers. As winter starts to grip the country, we completely change the clothes we wear on a daily basis. Therefore, it seems very important to consider how we invest our money to keep warm.

Some common ways of keeping warm over the winter months are sheepskin gloves, scarves and hats. These are one of the most common purchases and are a great way to keep wrapped up. Scarves can keep the cold wind out of our face, gloves keep our hands from getting frostbitten and hats retain heat from our head.

Yet, a piece of clothing that is hugely overlooked in winter is our shoes. We buy clothes for other parts of our body, yet we rarely consider our feet as deserving of attention in the colder months. However, like our hands and other extremities, these can really be affected by the cold.

A great investment to keep your feet warm would be some sheepskin slippers from Draper of Glastonbury. They are a family run manufacturer of luxury sheepskin slippers and leather footwear. A pair of sheepskin slippers, for either a man or woman, could keep your feet warm around the home and offer a touch of luxury. At a competitive price, they are a cost-effective way to keep warm over the coming months.

So this winter, instead of only considering your upper half, spend a moment to think about clothes that could benefit your whole body. Sheepskin slippers would be a great investment for you and your feet. Plus, a touch of luxury is always a pleasure at the chillier time of the year.

How to Maintain Your Sheepskin Boots – And Why

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Sheepskin is an excellent, natural material for making footwear, thanks to its unsurpassed insulation properties, comfort and durability. Its added durability – with the right care – makes it a sensible investment too.

Occasionally, customers think it might be too vulnerable to the effects of rain, dirt and dust, but in fact it’s very easy to care for your sheepskin boots and keep them looking good all year round – in fact, the genuine article (not synthetic sheepskin) will keep your feet warm in winter and make sure they do not overheat in summer.
Because it’s 100% natural, it enables your feet to breathe and stay comfortable – footwear made from quality sheepskin is fashionable, whatever the weather; so, when you are shopping for boots, make sure you check what they are made from, so you don’t accidentally buy a manmade imitation.

Ensure you apply a suede protector to the exterior of your boots (following the manufacturer’s instructions). If your boots get wet in bad weather, you should let them dry naturally – putting them on a radiator or in a tumble dryer will spoil them.

Once your boots have dried out, you can use a soft brush to buff the nap (the raised, slightly shaggy texture of fabric) back into good condition and use a cloth treated with lanolin (natural wool grease) to gently remove dust.
To keep the shaggy sheepskin side looking good and performing well, gently wipe with a damp cloth or mild detergent and remove moisture with a dry cloth. A special brush can again be used to renew its appearance.

Absolutely forbidden is the use of biological washing powder, fabric softener, bleach or hot water, which could all damage your sheepskin boots. In addition, keep them in a ventilated box or on a rack where they can breathe.
Draper of Glastonbury, a family-run business, has been making sheepskin slippers, sheepskin boots and other footwear for 75 years.