New Xbox 360 Slim

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So the all new Xbox 360 came out on June 14th, 2010 during the E3 convention. So does this console require all that hype? According to fan boys all around, it does. It now has a 250GB hard drive which competes with Sony’s PS3 250 GB hard drive. The new slim is a lot smaller and lighter than the old one but that doesn’t mean it over heats as much. So what else does this new console feature? The console comes with a built in WiFi, unlike the previous versions. Unlike the older models, optical audio connector are also built-in, allowing for digital audio and wireless networking without the need for external adapter. The hardware on the new Xbox 360 is still the same, just a whole lot smaller. Another cool feature of the Xbox 360 is that the eject and power on button is now touch sensitive, isn’t that so cool!

So everyone fears this question, does the new slim Xbox 360 have the same red ring of death problem this time? Microsoft has completely removed the red ring of death, but they replaced it with the red circle which is on the AV power box. It works like the RROD but just without the rings. The new slim has bigger fans than the older ones, so less risk of getting a failure. Now you may be wondering if it still is worth getting. I will tell you in on a little secret, even though PS3 has far superior graphics on exclusive games, most multi-platform games, Xbox 360 has much better and sharper graphics. Well I hope this little blog about Xbox 360 helps you buy the console and Microsoft earning a little more cash even though I won’t be getting anything.

Sony PlayStation 3

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Playstation 3 has been released in North America on November, 17th 2006. Even though the hardware inside never changed, the new PlayStation 3′s have a sleek and slim design. Also the newer PlayStation 3 models have a larger hard drive of either 120GB or 250 GB. If you want the full specs you should visit Cnet. Unlike the older Xbox 360′s the PS3 is wifi enabled and you can play online for free. Also PS3 can play blue-ray DVD and has an HDMI port. If you have a Sony Bravia you can use the remote to control your PS3 because the TV and PS3 will sync if connected through an HDMI cable.

Now that you have decided you want to buy a PlayStation 3, you are stuck on deciding to buy the older fat version or the newer slimmer versions. The real difference between these two are obviously the size. The slim also can be synced with Sony Bravia, while the older versions cant. Many people prefer the older (fatter) model because you don’t need a stand to make it stand up vertical and also you can download another OS such as linux. Also the older version had a glossy black finish. If you want to save money on your electric bill, I would go with the slim because it uses a lot less power to run. If you want to go to a friends house and hook it up to his new 72 inch TV, you definitely want the smaller one because of easier portability. For those of you tech savvy people PS3 Slim streams Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. Some of the older versions can play old ps2 games, but come on if you have a PS3 you should be playing PS3 games. For those who look into details, the newer slim don’t have the touch button to turn on, now you actually have to press the button.

The PS3 is now a retail value of  $299.99 for the 120 GB system and $349.99 for the 250 GB system. The 120GB is enough for games and movies and also you can add your own extended hard drive, so you don’t have to worry about space, so there is no need to spend an extra 50 bucks when you can use that money to buy another game. I hope this little blog about the PS3 will help you on your next purchase of a PS3.

New Generation of Plane Simulation

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Flight simulator 2004 and Flight Simulator X is the new generation of plane simulation. You all maybe be wondering “Flight Simulation”. Flight simulator has been around from 1998. From 1998 till 2004 simulation wasn’t that real.

When flight simulator came out it was a great hit among pilots young and old. You can make FS2004 or X into real life experience if you buy the right accessories. The accessories I am talking about is, Joy stick, Yoke, Air traffic simulation, and many more instruments to make your computer look like a real cockpit. Many real life pilots use this gaming opportunity to make a real life flight. You can pick the airport destinations and arrivals.

There is even the ATC feature which makes gaming experience more virtual. The main difference between flight simulator 2004 and Flight simulator X is that FS X contains more graphics and it fixes many things missing in FS 2004. In FS X, airport textures and runways are more clearer and vivid. You can go to to view some of the videos of FS2004 and FSX to see the difference.

I my self have 3 rookie videos. FS X needs more computer specs, and it’s not fun to play a game if there is lag. You can check out what your computer specs need to run each game at these websites;  for FS2004. Come and enjoy your flight experience, and share your thoughts here at.

A New Game – Maplestory

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Maplestory is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, or known as MMORPG. This game is very creative and exciting to play. Maple story was originally created by Korea but not there is Maple Japan, Maple China, Maple Taiwan, Maple Thailand, Maple North America (global), Maple S.E.A, Maple Europe, and all new Maple Hong Kong. In the global mode of maplestory which consist of North America and other country’s not stated above.

In maple global you get to make account from the website, The game is free to play, but you might want to buy Nexon Cash which will make your character get new clothing and accessories. In the account you make a character among the 7 servers or known as worlds. After you have created a character in the desired world, you have to know which job you want to be and put your skill points into, and level.

The highest that level is level 200 which will take a while to reach. Make new friends and you can even get married in maple. You get a lot of features if you get married. Come and play, and enjoy the game!