Website Optimisation: Your Business Landing Page

August 28th, 2014 admin Search Engine 0

Website optimisation is an all-encompassing overview of the high performance of your website. Think of your site as an 18-hole Doc Marten; website optimisation is the process of pulling tight the laces, all the way up the boot from the bottom to the top.

It is especially crucial to have good website optimisation on your landing page. If you’re new to this, your site’s landing page is the one that visitors are directed to first: it could be your home welcome page, or one which is tied specifically to a pay per click (PPC) campaign. You can have more than one landing page.

Either way, bad optimisation will prevent search engines from being able to see a site, or could lead to its mis-indexing. If the landing page is linked to a PPC campaign, the quality score of the AdWords or Facebook text ad (for example) could be affected, leading to a higher cost per click and lower return on investment, and poor advert positioning.

Website optimisation is a combination of on-page and off-page elements that must be tweaked to work together as a whole (remember the image of each part of the boot lace tightening together). It includes design elements, copywriting and the hidden codes that hold information for search engines.

Off-page website optimisation is also known as link building, and involves accumulating appropriate backlinks to validate the quality of your website and link you to like-minded sectors of the world wide web.

On-page optimisation is also known as search engine optimisation (SEO) – the marketing of the website using copywriting, images, layout and design, social media advertising, reputation management, public relations, and other methods.

Google says that the quality of landing pages encourages AdWords traffic to make conversions – that is, become profitable. It also suggests that “users develop a trust in the positive experience provided after clicking on AdWords ads”, which turns into additional targeted leads.

There are some pointers on Google’s advice pages, though it could pay to invest in a specialist for efficiency and style reasons. The no-nonsense expertise of a full service online marketing agency like Adrac Ltd can make a lot of difference when it comes to the pulling tight of boot laces.