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Google has been a well publicized website from the early 1996. Don’t you wonder who created this miracles website. This website was created by 2 PH.D students in Stanford University and Google was a project. These two students, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, had a brilliant idea of creating a search engine and analyzed the relationships between websites would produce better ranking of results than existing techniques, which ranked results according to the number of times the search term appeared on a page.

Google has many other features just than a search engine. Google, has their own email service, maps, groups, scholars, google products, and many more features. Google has some funny tricks to. When you type google backwards in the search page, (elgoog) you click on the first result and in that page everything is backwards. There is also google earth, which is a 3D earth figure, showcasing exact pictures of the place your looking at. For instance you can look at the top of your house by putting the address.

Google also ranks websites and the higher the rank the higher the traffic of the website. For instance my website is google pr 3, and my friends website is pr 2. There are many tricks and fun things to do with google, rather than just inputting words and finding results.

BOWG – Best of Web Gallery

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BOWG– Best of Web Gallery is a wonderful website that showcases resource websites. BOWG’s one and only goal is to provide you with the best central resource to view a wide range of eye catching and innovative web designs.

BOWG has meaningful sites, from blogging to web tools. This site can inspire many to create their own new and exciting web designs.

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2008 Beijing Olympic

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The 2008 Beijing Olympic has started on August 8th, 2008. Already China has 26 gold medals, while U.S follows with 14 gold medals, but the total count for medals is, China 41, U.S.A 48.  Olympic games consist of 302 events in 28 sports.

There are all sorts of sports, from swimming to wrestling. For all the sports in the Olympic you can go to the website, Olympic. The Olympic games are held every 4 years. China has been chosen in July 13, 2001. China has a different strategy of training athletes for the Olympic games. China believes starting early and quantity of training is better than quality will help the athlete’s get prepared for the Olympic games.

Some Chinese athletes start training from 6 years old, and they train everyday. They only meet their parents once a week, Saturday. On the other hand, U.S.A believes that technology and sports will help the athlete better. U.S.A athletes use the technology to see what part of their body they have to exercise and strengthen to prove best in the Olympic games. As the  battle continues between the two rival countries, U.S.A, and China, who will have the most medals and gold medals.

Gateway GT5468

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Are you looking for a low cost computer? I got the perfect computer for you. The computer is Gateway GT5468. This computer is great for multi-tasking. Many of us are looking for low cost computers but end up buying something for cheap, and it is really bad.

This computer is only 750 USD. This computer has a Intel Pentium Dual Core E2160, 1.8 GHz processor. It has 2 GB ram installed which is perfect for multi-tasking. One con about this computer is, its graphics are not the best. If you want a gaming computer I suggest you get a computer with more muscle in it. Except for the graphics the computer is really well build. It even has a 15 in 1 card reader.

There are 6 high speed USB slot, and there is 2 in the front, so you dont need to break you back trying to reach the back. If you want more opinions about the computer and the total specification you can go to the website.

Global Warming

Global Warming, what is it? Is it what it sounds like? Yes, it is. Global warming is the warming of the earth. Now you may be wondering, how does the Earth heat up. The cause of Earth to heat up is carbon dioxide. As carbon dioxide increases, there is a layering covering earth. The layer doesn’t allow the heat waves from the sun to head back out. This slowly causes the Earth heat up.

Global warming causes many disruptions around the world. One disruption is that Global Warming is melting the ice up in the North and South poles. These cold climates are slowly becoming hot. As the temperature rises it is bad for the animals that are native to cold climates, such as polar bears and white rabbits. Also the ice is melting and the ice is the landmass that the animals survive in. Most of the carbon dioxide caused is by us humans.

There are no solutions for stopping global warming, but adjusting some daily activates in our lives can help fight against global warming. One very easy thing a person can do is, take off the plug of any electronic device after you are done using it. Another thing you can do is, use mass transit, instead of using cars. You can have 1 bus, instead of 30 cars. These small things can help the environment around you, and save other environments such as the north pole and south pole.