Gateway NV7915u

August 28th, 2014 admin Electronics,Hardware 0

Gateway NV7915u is probably the cheapest 17.3 inch laptop out there. MSRP for this computer is only 649.99. So is this laptop the real deal, or a bust? The laptop has 4GB of ram, which is more than enough for any task, especially if you want to multitask. This is probably the best high powered computer for college or for any student. The laptop has 4GB of ram which is enough for any task, but you can also extend it to 8GB. If you think that is enough, well its not. The laptop consists of Intel Core i3 processor 330M. That processor is the new line of processors brought out by Intel. The computer has 4 USB slots and a 500GB hard drive. If you are going away to college, you can talk to your loved ones through the integrated web cam. If you want more info go check the website for rest of the specs.

Those are the specs on the site, but I own this laptop and I don’t think I can find one for a better price. The computer is super fast, and I can do almost anything. I am a student, so that means I have Microsoft words up, while doing research on Firefox, and meanwhile listening to music on iTunes. The computer does not lag, and the web cam is perfect to chat with my friends. The 500GB hard drive is enough for anything, I download and watch movies and there is a lot of space left.

The only down side with this computer is the graphics. The graphics for game is horrible, but that really isn’t bad because this computer wasn’t meant for gaming, and you can always change your graphics card. Another con to this computer is its battery life, on the site it says it can stay for 3 hours and 50 minutes, but I personally tested it and only stays for around 3 hours. This laptop is the real deal and not only because of the specs, but also cause of the personal experience. I would really recommend this laptop to anyone who wants a very good laptop for a very low price.