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Itouch is a portable media player and wi-fi mobile platform desighned and sold by Apple. The ipod touch was released in september 2007. The itouch line comes in 8, 16, 32 GB of flash memory. The first 1st generation itouch has passed and now it is all about the 2nd generation. Itouch is touch screen and has apple safari browser. It is equipped with 802.11b/g wifi. It has a great range for connection.

The itouch has many applications that can be download either from itunes on your computer or directly from your touch. Some apps are free and some require some money. There are really nice apps and games which are free. All iPod Touch models include the applications Music, Videos, and Photos , iTunes, Safari, YouTube, Calendar, Contacts, Clock, Calculator, and Settings. Later models added Mail , Maps, Stocks, Notes, and Weather.

The second generation itouch has a built in speaker which is great if you dont want headphones, but it is not that loud. Ipod touch is very fast and the second generation is faster than the iphone 3G. Many 3rd party-sofwares can be downloaded and used. Many people jailbreak their itouch, which installs cydia and installer app.

This jailbreaking enables user to download many free 3rd party softwares directly to their touch. Servicing an iPod Touch after jailbreaking or other modifications made by unofficial means is not covered by Apple’s warranty.

Please do this at your own risk. The itouch is a really cool device and is a substitutes ipod nano if you want more than just listening to music. If you dont want a iphone because you dont need a phone, itouch is the perfect choice, for music and web browsing.

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