A New Game – Maplestory

August 28th, 2014 admin

Maplestory is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, or known as MMORPG. This game is very creative and exciting to play. Maple story was originally created by Korea but not there is Maple Japan, Maple China, Maple Taiwan, Maple Thailand, Maple North America (global), Maple S.E.A, Maple Europe, and all new Maple Hong Kong. In the global mode of maplestory which consist of North America and other country’s not stated above.

In maple global you get to make account from the website, maplestory.nexon.net. The game is free to play, but you might want to buy Nexon Cash which will make your character get new clothing and accessories. In the account you make a character among the 7 servers or known as worlds. After you have created a character in the desired world, you have to know which job you want to be and put your skill points into, and level.

The highest that level is level 200 which will take a while to reach. Make new friends and you can even get married in maple. You get a lot of features if you get married. Come and play, and enjoy the game!

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