All About Niagara Falls !

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Niagara Falls has been a tourism hotpot for many years now. Niagara Falls is the border line between Canada and the United States. The Horseshoe Fall which is in canada, and the American Fall, which is located in America.

The Horseshoe fall is 173 feet (53 meters), and the American Fall is 70 fee (20 meters). The Horseshoe fall is overall, larger in width and height. Niagara falls isnt only a tourism hotspot, people use the enormous energy of the falls to make power.

The first known effort to harness the waters was in 1759, when Daniel Joncaire built a small canal above the Falls to power his sawmill. Augustus and Peter Porter purchased this area and all of American Falls in 1805 from the New York state government, and enlarged the original canal to provide hydraulic power for their gristmill and tannery.

In 1853, the Niagara Falls Hydraulic Power and Mining Company was chartered, which eventually constructed the canals which would be used to generate electricity. In 1881, under the leadership of Jacob Schoellkopf, enough power was produced to send direct current to illuminate both the Falls themselves and nearby Niagara Falls village.

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